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End-to-end guidance from house hunting to moving day

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What is covered?

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Fees alone can cost up to £6,000+, on top of your deposit and any stamp duty tax. Find out what the different costs are, how much they'll typically be, and when you need to pay.

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From offer to moving day can take up to 5 months+, and that's if your first purchase goes through! Learn how long things take on average, and how to help your purchase run smoothly.

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1 in 3 house purchases fall through. Learn how to avoid common pitfalls so yours isn't one of them, and protect yourself in case it's out of your control.

Plus specific advice on New Builds, Shared Ownership, Leasehold and much, much more!

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I couldn't find anything else like Fairy Godmover online. I didn't want to read walls of text. I like the breakdown of the checklist - it's not as daunting when you can deal with one step at a time.

- Jamie

I love the website! It's so easy to use and clearly written out. I love how the scary terminology or confusing jargon is simplified!

- Jaz

I wish I'd had this when we first started because it makes it all quite bite-sized, and the interactive nature makes it feel quite manageable.

- Laurence

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