Documents to sign at exchange (with a witness)

Published: 23rd Dec, 2023

Author: Charlotte Burton

Documents to sign at exchange (with a witness)

✍️ Signing the Contract

Your conveyancer will send you the final version of the contract to sign. The draft contract should have been initially shared with you as part of the contract pack, and you should now have been sent a physical copy containing any amendments made from the original draft.

Make sure you double check:

  • Your name is spelled correctly
  • No one has been missed off (if you are buying as a team)
  • You are listed as the buyer
  • The address is correct
  • The price is correct

Your conveyancer will generally want to receive your signed document by post before you agree on the date for the exchange of contracts.

πŸ“œ Other Documents to sign

Typically, these documents are reviewed and signed before exchange. They will also require someone to witness your signature.

πŸ‘€ Who can be a witness?

The witness needs to:

  • Be 18+, sound of mind, and independent (not part of the property sale in any way, and not related to anyone who is).
  • Observe you signing the document in person, and then sign the document themselves, providing their name, address, and occupation (in some cases).

The witness doesn't have to be someone who is a close friend or has known you for a long time. You could ask a neighbour or a colleague or even go to the post office and ask someone there to witness you signing the document.

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