Understand the search results & decide whether to continue with the purchase

Published: 23rd Dec, 2023

Author: Charlotte Burton

Understand the search results & decide whether to continue with the purchase

Here are some examples of issues the searches may uncover:

⚖️ Legal issues

  • Title ownership problems: if the seller doesn’t have the legal right to sell the property, the sale cannot continue.
  • Legal Restrictions or Rights: Issues like restrictive covenants limiting property use, rights of way across the land, or unusual easements can affect how you use the property.

💰 Additional Expenses

  • Chancel Repair Liability: This archaic but still legally enforceable liability could mean you're responsible for contributions towards local church repairs.
  • Outstanding Debts or Liens: If there are any financial liabilities attached to the property, you could become responsible for them.

🌍 Environmental Risks

Findings like flood risks, land contamination, or radon gas can impact the property’s safety, insurance costs, and resale value.

  • Water and Drainage Concerns: Problems with sewage, drainage, or water supply, like a lack of proper connection to local sewer systems, can lead to significant expenses.
  • Mining or Subsidence History: In former mining areas, the risk of subsidence can be a serious concern, affecting both the property's safety and insurance premiums.
  • Radon Gas: High levels of radon gas in the area can be a health hazard and might require mitigation measures.

🏡 Other Issues

  • Structural Issues: If the searches reveal potential subsidence, landslides, or other structural risks, it could signal future costly repairs and safety concerns.
  • Planning and Development: Discovering plans for major developments nearby, like new roads, industrial sites, or large-scale housing, could affect your living environment and the property's future value.

If your searches come back with these issues, or others that your conveyancer highlights, you may need to consider whether you can afford to continue with the purchase.

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