Choose a surveyor

Published: 15th Dec, 2023

Author: Charlotte Burton

Choose a surveyor

Your surveyor is there to find any problems that could make you rethink whether you want to buy the home, so you really need to find a surveyor you can trust not to miss anything. Ideally they also wouldn’t break the bank!

How to choose a surveyor

  • ⭐ compare verified reviews from previous customers.
  • 💸 compare quotes for your chosen survey type from multiple surveyors.
  • ☑️ make sure the surveyor is a qualified member of either RICS or RPSA, the 2 main professional surveying bodies.
  • 📅 ask how quickly the surveyor could come if you’re in a big rush, though generally the conveyancing work will take longer than the wait anyway.

The estate agent or your lender may suggest a surveyor, but it’s worth bearing in mind that they often get a fee for referring you, and so their suggested surveyor may not have the best customer reviews or price. Always check reviews and get multiple quotes to compare price.

Where can I find surveyors?

An easy way to compare surveyors is to fill in our form below, powered by Really Moving, and you'll be instantly emailed quotes from 4 qualified surveyors in your property’s area. You'll also get a link to the verified reviews of each surveyor so you can compare them. You're not obliged to choose any of the quotes if you don't want to, and getting the quotes is completely free. If you don't want to provide your phone number, put 0s in that part of the form.

Why fill in this ⬇️ form?

  • 💸 Save £237 on average
  • ☑️ All the surveyor are RICS chartered and credit checked, and have to have great, verified reviews from previous clients to be allowed to give you a quote
  • 👏 Really Moving's quote comparison service is recommended by MoneySavingExpert and was used by over 70,000 people last year

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